We picked the most unique up-and-coming artists and musicians whose point of view on life, creativity, and beyond reflect the Nike Tn 3's effect on the sneaker community: they're not for everybody. We harnessed this polarizing effect with a series of short videos that draw attention by using the Sensitive Content cover on Instagram. Each video interprets the talent's story with absurd 3D renderings, unexpected textures, and a visual narrative that could make some people cringe.

@santandave’s music is a form of therapy. An opportunity to air out his truths, no matter how controversial or offbeat they may be. Anyone can chase clout—few can stay true.

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Writer. Producer. Renegade. Take a look inside @father’s head and you’ll see why his chaotic approach to music makes everything else feel like yesterday’s wave.

Algerian by blood, French by birth, SF raised. It’s impossible to trace @lolozouai’s influence to one city or culture—that’s why her voice rises above the rest.

All of the product imagery was 3D generated, clearly showcasing the sneaker's design details against the backdrop of a mysterious, atmospheric environment that matches the look and feel of the films.
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